Palm Oil Free Sunscreens & Insect Repellent

Stay safe in the summer heat and be reassured that the sunscreen on your skin is not destroying rainforests for palm oil. Here’s a selection of palm oil free sunscreens and insect repellents. Palm oil is NOT vegan Did you know that palm oil is one of the world’s most destructive crops, as it canContinue reading “Palm Oil Free Sunscreens & Insect Repellent”

Palm Oil Free Skincare products

Here are some palm oil free skincare and beauty products that do not contain rainforest-destroying palm oil. If you are ever in doubt look for the prefixes: LAUR, STEAR, GYLC and PALM in the ingredients list on packaging – this is most likely palm oil. Another tip is to shop for locally produced products insteadContinue reading “Palm Oil Free Skincare products”