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Read fascinating #wildlife blog posts by #wildlifeblogger and #conservationist Jason Woodcock of @thenaturenook who loves nothing more than spotting rare and interesting species out in the wild

Amazonian Royal Flycatcher

The Amazonian Royal Flycatcher: A flurry of feathers

September 3rd is Amazon Rainforest Day and The Nature Nook/Palm Oil Detective would like to celebrate. The Amazonian Royal Flycatcher is a member of a family of birds called the tyrant flycatchers, which occur throughout North and South America. This is the…

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Rainbow Cliffs: Why Parrots in the Amazon Eat Clay

Rainbow Cliffs: Why Parrots in the Amazon Eat Clay

Our world holds a whole host of glorious natural spectacles, from great starling murmurations to the ethereal display of coral reef spawning. But to me, none is more thrilling than catching a glimpse of a majestic macaw. Screeching their way through the…

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African Grey Parrot Psittacus erithacus

African Greys: How politics killed the parrot

Here at The Nature Nook, we don’t shy away from uncomfortable truths or harsh realities concerning the natural world. But today’s article, about the tragic story of the Congo African grey parrot, is a particularly harrowing read that I don’t recommend to…

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Clouded Leopard Neofelis nebulosa

The Stealth and Beauty of the Clouded Leopard

Every so often here at The Nature Nook, we’ll be posting pictures of animals to see if readers can guess what they are before the answer is revealed below. Our first What Animal Is It? is the clouded leopard, in recognition of…

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jason woodcock

About Jason Woodcock

I adore all things nature and enjoy nothing more than spotting rare and interesting species out in the wild.

With a background in conservation and animal behaviour studies, my passion lies in the natural world.

I have also worked in a zoo and know plenty about keeping the animals inside our home healthy and happy, too.

Follow my blog posts on Nature Nook for amazing animal facts, the latest natural news, and tips on spotting the fantastic creatures in your local area.

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