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Welcome to Palm Oil Detectives

About Me

Since I was a child, I had a strong attraction to nature and animals, especially primates. As an adult I unlearned this fascination and worked in corporate jobs in content marketing, design and digital marketing.

I could hear their muffled cries and see their haunting stares in in my dreams. As time went on, these cries became louder and more urgent. Attenborough reached his gnarled hands through the TV ripped my heart apart.

Just like you, I feel that I know the animals of jungles and forests more intimately than many humans.

This website is a celebration, a commiseration and a powerful collective alarm to #Boycott4Wildlife the brands that are destroying the world.

Animals love us without guile and trickery. Even if we don’t care about them back. Even if the world is intent on their demise.

Artists, writers, conservationists and musicians are some of the most compassionate and also powerful humans in the world, an untapped energy force.

Let’s Unite!

Let’s unite to help the animals!

How you can help the #Boycott4Wildlife

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1. Follow me on social media and my new site (links on right) and share my posts about palm oil and endangered species widely to your friends and online circles using the hashtags #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife.

2. If you feel these ideas resonate with you, you can contribute art, writing or music to Creatives for Cool Creatures.

3. If you’re an academic, conservationist, scientist or activist working to expose the corruption of the palm oil industry or to save animals or ecosystems, and these ideas resonate with you, you can contribute blog posts to the website. See example here

4. If you are a conscious shopper, then you can take photos of these products in the supermarket. Then share these to social media and call out the greenwashing, ecocide, deforestation and extinction caused by global brands. You can use the hashtags #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife, so that the whole community can see it and share it further.

5. If you are an activist in the UK, sign this petition to the UK government stop the use of palm oil in products sold in the UK.

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Always and forever, for the animals

Will you join me now? will you fight for the animals?

I’m a Palm Oil Detective and I #boycott4Wildlife the brands destroying rainforests throughout the world in the name of hundreds of animals endangered by #palmoil #deforestation. Join me!

These animals are right on the edge of being lost forever…

Let’s #Boycott4Wildlife

I’m a Palm Oil Detective and I #boycott4Wildlife the brands destroying rainforests throughout the world in the name of hundreds of animals endangered by #palmoil #deforestation. Join me!

Why create Palm Oil Detectives?

In addition to being an online community and an online creative journal, Palm Oil Detectives provides you, the consumer, with evidence from 3rd party palm oil industry watchdogs about the big brands directly involved in the destruction of rainforests in Asia, Africa, South America and Papua New Guinea. This is to keep you informed, so that you can #Boycott4Wildlife.

Although palm oil itself is not an evil crop, it is maligned mainly because of how big retail companies and the RSPO manages deforestation. The same can be said for other forms of land-grabbing and deforestation for other crops. Deforestation is responsible for over 3,000 species being lost forever. This is why we focus on deforestation as a whole and boycotting brands that do this.

This website doesn’t go into the human rights issues of palm oil, because that’s another hugely complex part of the issue. Instead there is a strong and solid focus on animal extinction as a result of deforestation and repurposing vast tracts of land for human use. Deforestation for oil palm plantations directly results in thousands of species going extinct. Although species also face other tragic threats such as poaching, pollution, climate change, the pet trade – this is beyond the scope of this website.

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