Research: Palm Oil Deforestation and its connection to retail brands

palm oil on fire

Despite the green tick of approval for the industry certification the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), as of 2020, there have been no brands confirmed to have stopped purchasing palm oil from mills causing deforestation. According to watchdog Chain Reaction Research, even brands with NDPE policies in place (no peatland and deforestation) are still able to purchase palm oil from the palm oil ‘spot market’. So these big brands are still contributing to forest destruction and massive animal extinction.

Read research @EIA_News @Greenpeace @RAN @crresearch. The wanton destruction of the world’s forests will trigger mass extinction of animals, toxic air we cannot breath, the end of the planet we live on within decades #Boycott4Wildlife

See this 2021 webinar from Chain Reaction Research on the topic of this very troubling loophole in the RSPO.

This is unacceptable. Deforestation, whether it’s for wood, soy, oil palm or any other crop causes species extinction on a massive scale. This wanton destruction of the forests will trigger the end the end of the planet we live on in this century, maybe within the next few decades.

If you need more evidence of this – view Palm Oil Detectives’ vast list of animal species going extinct – the main reason for these species going extinct is deforestation.

Chain Reaction Research

February 2021

2020’s Top Deforesters for Oil Palm in Southeast Asia: A Lower Rate of Deforestation, but the Same Culprits

2020’s Top Deforesters for Oil Palm in Southeast Asia: A Lower Rate of Deforestation, but the Same Culprits

Rainforest Action Network

Research 2020: Keep Forest Standing: Exposing Brands and Banks Driving Deforestation

Environmental Investigation Agency

Research January 2021 Forests: Criminal Neglect

Failings in enforcement undermine the efforts to stop illegal logging in Indonesia

February 2021 White Paper: Forests: Burning Questions, Credibility of sustainable palm oil still illusive

Retailers and Banks Causing Deforestation

Source: Rainforest Action Network (RAN)’s March 2020 Whitepaper


Research 2019: The True Cost of Palm Oil & Wood Pulp

The terrible climate cost of global brands’ addiction to commodities linked to ongoing deforestation, peatland damage and fires

Research: Palm Oil Deforestation and its connection to retail brands
Research: Palm Oil Deforestation and its connection to retail brands

Brands using deforestation palm oil in their products


Research September 2019: Burning down the house

How Unilever and other global brands continue to fuel Indonesia’s fires

How Does the Palm Oil Spot Market Contribute to Deforestation? CRR Webinar July 2020

According to Risk Assessment Analysts Chain Reaction Research, Palm oil spot markets have become a backdoor that has allowed non-compliant producers to enter into the supply chains of companies with No Deforestation, No Peatland, and No Exploitation policies. The spot market’s nature allows palm products to cross many hands before reaching their final destinations, making due diligence difficult.

Retailers and FMCG Giants do not take deforestation seriously enough to warrant change

A 2020 webinar by Chain Reaction Research

Palm oil plantation smoke GIF

A 2012 Infographic of Brand Ownership

This infographic is a whos-who of major retail brands that in 2021 continue to use palm oil directly implicated in deforestation. Source: Open Food Facts.

Brand ownership March 2021
Brand ownership March 2021

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