Winnie Cheche

Conservationists In Their Own Words: Cheche Winnie

Winnie Cheche

Kenyan Wildlife and Environmental Activist, Conservation Leader

I love wildlife and I am ready to do whatever I can to ensure that future generation get to see animals

~ Winnie Cheche

Kenyan conservationist and activist Winnie Cheche believes that humans are the custodians of nature. Hence it is our duty to protect nature not destroy it. Her work in conservation, education and awareness is essential to conserving the native animals and the landscape in Kenya. She is one of many brave and bold people fighting against animal extinction in Kenya. She is the Communications Lead for Kenya Environmental Action Network (KEAN).

Conservationists In Their Own Words: Winnie Cheche @WinnieCheche is Comms Lead for the @kean_network and is an inspiring conservationist in Kenya and a blogger for @Palmoildetect who works tirelessly to protect animals and forests.

“Most decisions are made without considering the perspective of animals”

~ Winnie Cheche

Poaching and conservation area encroachment continue to be a threat to wildlife existence, and something needed to be done.

I decided to be a conservationist and an activist when I realized that we were treating wildlife unfairly

Knowledge is power and a good start to ensure things change

Extinction is already taking them away, and humans contribute to that. Helping them know how they play that part will help stop the reaction.

Passion is everything. It gives you strength and reasons to fight for something!

If you want to get involved in conservation, look at the many ways that humans are driven crazy out of our greed and selfishness. Then work to find fixes and solutions for that. We can allow our humanity and compassion to guide us towards advocating for the right thing for animals and for the natural world.

Speak up and let’s stop normalising being oppressed in Kenya!

Just because we think nothing will be done. It’s one step at a time. The locals in Kenya have yet to embrace wildlife as important part of the ecosystem.

In Kenya, wildlife and animals are still seen through safari and tourism eyes

Wildlife is loosely assumed to belong to the Kenya Wildlife Service. Conservation will be effective and successful once we all understand and embrace the act of protecting wildlife welfare, even from ourselves.

My goal is to enable or give humans reasons to fall in love with our planet and wildlife

This love will help them consider the safety and welfare and welfare of animals while making decisions.

Wangari Mathai and Jim Nyamu helped me find strength to do what I do

I love what they have done for our environment and wildlife, and they challenge me to do more in ensuring that we do more. Our trees and wildlife should not suffer from human negative activities.

winnie cheche

Animals are never fake and are always their true selves

They demonstrate true bonds when it comes to relations among themselves. Greed and selfishness have stripped humans that luxury.

Animals are never fake and are always their true selves
Lions playing together – Pixabay

I love being in nature and the woods

Moments in the woods are the best. They are filled with bird’s song, the whistling wind, lots of fresh air, among other goodies. Nature allows you to enjoy stuff with no interruptions. I always look for the opportunity to embrace nature in a deeper way.

If I were to speak to my younger self, I would tell her to speak up – right from the beginning!

It took time before I got courage to speak up for anything. I would just remain silent and let it be. Not anymore and never again.

All I desire is for humans to fall in love with our planet, especially nature and wildlife

By opening up our hearts to animals and nature, we will eliminate our negative impact of our greed and selfishness. I also think it’s absolutely essential that we find eco-friendly solutions to waste and businesses and that we do right by our planet.

Please follow me on my journey as I change the state of wildlife conservation in Kenya

I blog regularly on WordPress about many issues relating to conservation and also the pressures, triumphs and challenges of wildlife conservation in Kenya. I am the Communications Lead for Kenya Environmental Action Network (KEAN). Feel free to get in touch with me for any opportunities or collaborations.

Please get in touch to be featured on my blog…

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