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Use your wallet as a weapon in the supermarket

Corporate greed is the root cause of the environmental crisis we are in. It’s not about whether or not you recycle or turn off your AC – although that does help a bit.

Elite power, corporate lobbying and greenwashing are the invisible forces that govern our lives and consumer choices.




Fight greenwashing and fight for the animals you love…

10 Tactics of Sustainable Palm Oil Greenwashing

This series is about so-called ‘sustainable’ palm oil. However you could easily apply these same principles to: fossil fuels, extractive open-cut mining, timber, meat, dairy and soy industries.

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10 Tactics of Sustainable Palm Oil Greenwashing - Summary
10 Tactics of Sustainable Palm Oil Greenwashing – Summary

We are for wildlife

We are wildlife nerds, conservationists, activists, artists, writers, musicians and dreamers of a better world.

We create

We create art that promotes the natural intelligence, beauty and power of animals.

We promote

We understand that life can be hard being a creative person or a conservationist, so we promote and encourage other people’s work.

We are global

We come from all over the world and are at every stage of our lives and careers.

We are brave

We are caring, real and kind to each other. In a world of shouting human voices, spouting hatred, fear and politics –we are the voices of reason for endangered species.

We resist

We advocate for non-violent resistance to the destruction of animal habitats, logging and deforestation.

We boycott

We boycott the brands that continue to destroy forests, making spectacular animals disappear forever.

We are bold

As we stare down the barrel of the next mass extinction event on earth, we are ready to act, resist and express the voices of endangered species, before they are disappear forever.


Grow an audience for your creative work with like-minded people, who love wildlife and the natural world.


Find an audience of like-minded people who will support and help with your conservation work.


Learn about brands and their deforestation activities for palm oil and other commodities.


Learn about the animals that are fast disappearing from the planet due to deforestation.

Creatives, Scientists and Conservationists who support the #Boycott4Wildlife share their stories

These animals are threatened by deforestation from palm oil, soy, meat and other ingredients in our supermarket purchases…

“Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.”

Bertolt Brecht

How you can help the #Boycott4Wildlife

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1. Follow me on social media and my new site (links on right) and share my posts about palm oil and endangered species widely to your friends and online circles using the hashtags #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife.

2. If you feel these ideas resonate with you, you can contribute art, writing or music to Creatives for Cool Creatures.

3. If you’re an academic, conservationist, scientist or activist working to expose the corruption of the palm oil industry or to save animals or ecosystems, and these ideas resonate with you, you can contribute blog posts to the website. See example here

4. If you are a conscious shopper, then you can take photos of these products in the supermarket. Then share these to social media and call out the greenwashing, ecocide, deforestation and extinction caused by global brands. You can use the hashtags #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife, so that the whole community can see it and share it further.

5. If you are an activist in the UK, sign this petition to the UK government stop the use of palm oil in products sold in the UK.

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