South America: Species Endangered by Palm Oil Deforestation

Dusky Titi Monkey, found in the Amazon rainforest.

As the lush equatorial rainforests of South East Asia are exhausted, increasingly focus is being placed on parts of Central and South America. Oil Palm is a growing commodity there and is found in Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico.

The forests of Asia are exhausted – animals are going extinct there. Focus is now on #SouthAmerica. #Palmoil is a growing problem there, rainforests are being destroyed in #Colombia #Brazil #Ecuador, #Guatemala #Mexico. #Boycott4Wildlife

The fertile rainforests of Latin America are home to some of the most exotic and unusual species of animals in the world. These animals must be protected at all costs.

A model of rainforest loss in the Amazon 2010 – 2260

The Amazon rainforest over time
The Amazon rainforest over time

These animals have a IUCN Red List status of Critically Endangered, Endangered or Vulnerable and face a threat to their existence from palm oil deforestation, and deforestation from other commodities. Yet there is hope and there are a number of ways you can Take Action to Protect Them.

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What we stand to lose…

Further information

Statista: Palm Oil Industry in Latin America

How Colombia became Latin America’s palm oil powerhouse

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