Dalida Innes

One of the three brothers from Bandhavgarh National Park, India.

Dalida Innes

Wildlife Photographer and Portrait Photographer

Dalida Innes profile shot

My name is Dalida Innes, I am from France originally and I live in Sydney, Australia. I love wildlife, landscape, travel photography and everything between. I travel as often as I can and try to make the most of it. Encounters with nature have taken me to incredible places and I have met fantastic people. 

I am self-taught with a sincere passion for all things photographic

Adventurous spirit with camera in hand, I try to capture moments of wonder and serenity. For me, capturing images is like freezing the time and I can go back to it whenever I want. Trying to get that precise moment that your eye doesn’t have time to memorise or to remember.

Dalida Innes @dainnes67 specialises in #wildlifephotography and #portrait #photography. She captures rare intimate moments with animals in all of their emotional complexity. Read more about her and her incredible photos

I love witnessing special moments between animals

You never know what’s going to happen. Everyday is a new adventure when you’re photographing wildlife. No two days are exactly the same.

We can learn so much just from watching animals

I have always worked with animals. I just love watching them, observing their behaviour is something I am fascinated by. I have learnt so much from them and I want to share all of the beauty that I have witnessed with the world.

When I was a child, I used to play with a broken camera

I dreamt that as an adult I would become a filmmaker and make animal documentaries, as I loved watching these shows as a child. Later when I started to work, initially I bought my first video camera but I quickly realised that this wasn’t for me. So instead I started doing photography and it all accelerated from there.

Never give up the fight to save wild animals!

If I could tell animal activists and conservationists something, I would say: Never give up! Once a species is gone that is a terrible loss to us all!

Always respect a wild animal’s personal space

To wildlife photographers just starting out, I would say that it’s important to respect the animals’ personal space. Don’t try and encroach on the animals too much, as they will feel uncomfortable and won’t behave naturally. Always be prepared for the unexpected, it may not happen, but if it does, be ready for it.

Morning Glory by Dalida Innes Wildlife Photography lion
Morning Glory by Dalida Innes Wildlife Photography

I am against all supermarket brands that have deforestation in their supply chain

Less trees means less habitat for wild animals. Not only this, today with so much advanced research and technology there should be other ways, other methods of producing palm oil and other commodities. They have the technology to make anything they want. So I still don’t understand why they don’t just do that instead of destroying forests!

I welcome you to connect with me on social media and visit my shop to buy prints

Published by Palm Oil Detectives

Hi, I’m Palm Oil Detective’s Editor in Chief. Palm Oil Detectives is partly a consumer website about palm oil in products and partly an online community for writers, artists and musicians to showcase their work and express their love for endangered species. I have a strong voice for creatures great and small threatened by deforestation. With our collective power we can shift the greed of the retail industry and influence big palm oil to stop cutting down forests. Be bold! Be courageous! Join me and stand up for the animals with your art and your supermarket choices

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