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How you can help the #Boycott4Wildlife

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1. Follow me on social media and my new site (links on right) and share my posts about palm oil and endangered species widely to your friends and online circles using the hashtags #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife.

2. If you feel these ideas resonate with you, you can contribute art, writing or music to Creatives for Cool Creatures.

3. If you’re an academic, conservationist, scientist or activist working to expose the corruption of the palm oil industry or to save animals or ecosystems, and these ideas resonate with you, you can contribute blog posts to the website. See example here

4. If you are a conscious shopper, then you can take photos of these products in the supermarket. Then share these to social media and call out the greenwashing, ecocide, deforestation and extinction caused by global brands. You can use the hashtags #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife, so that the whole community can see it and share it further.

5. If you are an activist in the UK, sign this petition to the UK government stop the use of palm oil in products sold in the UK.

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Take action and tell brands that you won’t stand for @RSPOtweets #greenwashing #palmoil #deforestation and animal #extinction. Sign petitions, share info, donate to animal charities and learn about the #Boycott4Wildlife

Sign and share petitions

Save Rang-tan

Rang-tan’s forest home is being destroyed to clear the way for palm oil – an ingredient used to make products for brands like Unilever, Mondelez and Nestlé.

If we don’t act, more precious habitats will be ruined, Indigenous Peoples could lose their homes, and Rang-tan and her species could be lost forever.

Add your name and tell big brands to stop using palm oil from forest destroyers.

So far, 1,037,707 people worldwide have told big companies to drop dirty palm oil. Let’s reach 2,000,000

Tell Nestlé, Unilever, P&G:

Stop fueling forest fires!

As you read this, thick smoke is rising from forests in Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia, poisoning the air and driving people and animals from their homes. Majestic tall trees that give shelter to orangutans, sloths, rhinos and other rare species are burning to the ground, to be replaced by endless vast soy and oil palm monocultures.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Nestlé, Unilever, Mondelez, Johnson & Johnson, and other powerful corporations all promised that by 2020, they’d stop sourcing palm oil from producers that destroyed rainforests. But the lure of easy profits won out — and now, our forests are bearing the consequences.

We can’t let them get away with this!

PepsiCo & Doritos: It’s crunch time to adopt a zero deforestation policy!

That sound when you bite down on Doritos? That’s the sound of rainforests being “crunched” to make way for massive palm oil plantations in Southeast Asia. Workers, and even children, are trapped in modern slavery on the plantations. Forests and peatlands are burned to the ground, driving endangered species like orangutans to extinction and polluting the Earth’s atmosphere with gigatons of greenhouse gases — all to make palm oil.

Doritos’ parent company, PepsiCo, could put a stop to the deforestation. But instead of leading the charge, PepsiCo is hanging back, issuing middling policies with gaps so big a parade of endangered pygmy elephants could fit through them. 

Tell Doritos, it’s crunch time to adopt a global, time-bound, responsible palm oil policy

Stop Nigeria’s Lawless Palm Oil Juggernaut

Palm oil production in Nigeria is a destructive and violent business. Companies like Okomu Oil Palm Plantation Plc (OOPC) are clearing forests with breathtaking speed and leaving destroyed livelihoods and human rights violations in their wake. Please support the struggle of local communities for their rights and for nature.

Write to the President of Nigeria and tell him the killing of endangered species must stop now!

To: the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari; Governor Godwin Obaseki

“OOPC is destroying Nigeria’s remaining forests, as well as grabbing the land and violating the rights of thousands. Please protect nature and local communities.”

Adopt an Animal

When you adopt an endangered animal, your money helps organisations that are on the forefront of the battle to save these species from extinction.

Adopt a Gorilla

Support the animals threatened in the Congo

Virunga National Park – Congo

Virunga National Park’s heroic rangers put their lives on the line, sometimes they are even murdered. All to protect for the small number of gorillas left in the wild. Find out more about their work.

As oil-palm plantations in Asia reach capacity, Africa is becoming the new frontier for this crop. Unfortunately, such areas coincide with good Gorilla habitat: 73.8% of the Western Lowland Gorilla’s range is considered suitable for oil palm (Wich et al. 2014).

There are only around 1,063 mountain gorillas left in the wild. Habitat loss is emerging as a major threat to Western Gorillas.

Diseases and poaching and COVID 19 also pose a threat.(IUCN Red List)

Adopt a Tree Kangaroo

Support the animals threatened in Papua New Guinea

scottae is critically endangered in Papua New Guinea
The Tenkile Dendrolagus scottae is critically endangered in Papua New Guinea

The Tenkile (a species of Tree Kangaroo) is critically endangered in Papua New Guinea as a result of palm oil plantations. See the full list of animals endangered in Papua New Guinea. The Tenkile Conservation Alliance protect the entire Torricelli Mountain Range which includes all biodiversity including 50% of PNG’s bird species, 65% of PNG’s frog and reptile species and 40% of PNG’s mammal species.

The Tenkile Conservation Alliance

The Tenkile Conservation Alliance works by engaging 13,000 local people from 50 villages who own the Torricelli Mountain Range. This strategy is aims to prevent communities from choosing large scale exploitative activities such as logging and mining in the palm oil industry. Donate now or find out more about their work.

Adopt an Orangutan

There are many places you can adopt an Orangutan, and many Not for Profits working in the conservation space in Malaysia and Borneo. However, many NGOs and charities promote the idea of palm oil being “sustainable” even though the RSPO has not managed to stop deforestation in the 17 years it has been in action – not for ONE of its members in the palm oil supply chain, an absolutely disgraceful result. So – if you want to support an orangutan charity that will cut through the BS and tell the truth about deforestation, instead of supporting greenwashing you should support OrangutanTOP or Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) and avoid supporting BOS because although BOS do superb work, they are also supporting the greenwashing of the palm oil industry, and its continued destruction of rainforests, rather than being critical of it.

Orangutan Foundation International (OFI)

Orangutan Foundation International (OFI)
Orangutan Foundation International (OFI)

Orangutan Foundation International and its founder Dr Birute Mary Galdikas are the foremost orangutan experts in the world. Dr Birute has dedicated her entire life towards looking after orangutans in the field. She has been rescuing and rehabilitating orangutans for over 50 years. Dr Birute has seen first-hand the devastation of palm oil on these beautiful creatures and she does not mince words with how she describes the palm oil industry.

She is a vocal critic of the RSPO on social media and regularly stands her ground and speaks strongly against the palm oil industry’s greenwashing, corruption and lies. Often, as a result of this, she faces absolutely vicious trolling, harassment, gaslighting and abuse from lobbyists in the palm oil industry such as Orangutan Land Trust. Orangutan Foundation International along with many other NGOs such as Greenpeace, EIA, Global Witness and Friends of the Earth believe that the RSPO is a greenwashing con.

Dr Birute supports the #Boycott4Wildlife.

Contribute to Animal Charities

These charities are fighting every day on the front-lines of animal extinction

Contribute in four ways

  1. Creatives: Promote your creative business and use your creative expertise to raise awareness and join the fight to save endangered species. Join us!
  2. Conservationists: Showcase your conservation work and activism, blog about the urgent issues that are vital right now. Find out more!
  3. Animal lovers: Big supermarket brands are directly contributing to this species’ extinction by destroying forests. You can join the #Boycott4Wildlife by sharing information from this website and boycotting brands in the supermarket.
  4. Activists in the UK, sign this petition: Prohibit the sale and use in the UK of palm oil and its derivatives in foods. Sign now!

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