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In 2020, retail giant Nestlé formed a coalition with other brands, virtue-signalling that they will stop all deforestation. Yet they continue to purchase palm oil from mills that chop down millions of hectares forests.

This brand is destroying rainforests, releasing mega-tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, and killing hundreds of endangered species. Once these animals are gone – they are gone for good. See Nestlé’s full list of mills where they buy palm oil, six of these are actively destroying forest.

Buy #palmoilfree and #boycott all Nestle @Nestle products because their #palmoil is destroying rainforest, causing massive global species #extinction. Join me and #Boycott4Wildlife

Swiss multinational Nestlé received hundreds of thousands of alerts of forest clearing near its palm oil suppliers in 2019 via satellite monitoring.

Nestlé identified over 1,000 cases of deforestation per day in palm oil areas. SwissInfo (2020).

Nestlé makes claims of sustainability including a ‘promise’ to stop deforestation. Promises mean nothing – action is what matters.

Nestlé has a high ranking on the WWF Scorecard and an RSPO certification. However this high ranking is greenwashing and this mega-brand is purchasing huge amounts of palm oil from six mills that are responsible for deforestation: Jhonlin, Mulia Sawit, Tunas Baru Lampung, Peputra Group, Musirawas

Source: chain reaction research

Palm Oil Detectives thinks it is wise to boycott all Nestlé-owned brands until they agree to cease 100% of their deforestation activities throughout the world.

Nestlé own a vast global stable of food and beverage brands and products

Nestlé own a vast global stable of food and beverage brands and products
Nestlé own a vast global stable of food and beverage brands and products





  • Chamyto (Brazil, Mexico, Chile)
  • Chambinho (Brazil)
  • Chandelle (Brazil, Chile)
  • Chiquitín (Mexico, Chile)
  • Club (Mexico)
  • Hirz (Switzerland)
  • La Laitière (France, Belgium, UK)
  • La Lechera (Spain, Mexico)
  • LC1 (Switzerland)
  • Le Viennois (France, Belgium, Switzerland)
  • Moça (Brazil)
  • Molico (Brazil, now Svelty)
  • Munch Bunch (UK)
  • Nestlé
  • Nesvita (India, Pakistan)
  • Ninho (Brazil)
  • Ski
  • Sollys (Brazil)
  • Sveltesse (France)
  • Svelty (Mexico)
  • Yoco

Foodservice products

  • Chef-Mate
  • Davigel
  • Minor’s
  • Santa Rica

Frozen convenience foods

Frozen desserts

  • Åhusglass (Sweden)
  • Aino (Finland)
  • Camy (Spain, Portugal)
  • D’Onofrio (Peru)
  • Делта (Delta, Bulgaria)
  • Δέλτα (Delta, Greece)
  • Dreyer’s
  • Drumstick
  • Eskimo (Finland)
  • Frigor (Argentina)
  • Frisco (Switzerland)
  • Froneri
  • Häagen-Dazs (North America only)
  • Hjem-IS (Norway)
  • Kimo (Egypt)
  • Kimy (Philippines)
  • Kotijäätelö (Finland)
  • Maxibon
  • Mat Kool (Malaysia)
  • Mivvi
  • Motta (Italy)
  • Mövenpick (Switzerland)
  • Nestlé Drumstick – The Original Sundae Cone
  • Nestlé Ice Cream
  • Nestlé Princessa (Poland)
  • Oreo Frozen Dessert Sandwiches (Canada)
  • Outshine
  • Pingviini (Finland)
  • Push-Up
  • Real Dairy
  • Savory (North America – United States and Canada and Chile)
  • Schöller (Germany and Austria)
  • Skinny Cow
  • Sorbetes (Philippines)
  • Temptations (Philippines)
  • Underground is (Denmark)
  • zer0% Fat (Philippines)

Healthcare nutrition

  • Boost
  • Carnation Instant Breakfast
  • Compleat
  • Crucial
  • Diabetisource
  • Fibersource
  • Garden of Life
  • Glytrol [41]
  • Impact
  • Isosource
  • Meritene
  • Modulen
  • Atrium Innovations
  • Douglas Laboratories
  • Genestra brands
  • Garden of Life
  • Novasource Renal
  • Nutren
  • Optifast
  • Optifibre
  • Peptamen
  • Pure Encapsulations
  • Resorb
  • Resource
  • Sustagen
  • Trophic
  • Wobenzym

Instant foods

Nestlé Purina petcare products

The following products are manufactured by Nestlé Purina.[45]

Refrigerated products


Bottled Water

Chocolate, confectionery and baked goods

Performance nutrition

  • Neston
  • Nesvita
  • Pria
  • Supligen


  • Bakers
  • Beta
  • Bonio
  • Bonnie
  • Castor & Pollux
  • Chef Michael’s Canine Creations
  • Felix
  • Fido (French equivalent brand to Bakers and Beneful)
  • Go Cat
  • Gourmet
  • Lily’s Kitchen
  • Lucky Dog
  • Merrick
  • Mon Petit
  • PetLife
  • Purina
  • Supercoat
  • Tails .com
  • Tidy Cats
  • Totalcare
  • Whole Earth Farms
  • Winalot


  • Carpathia
  • CHEF
  • Haoji
  • Maggi
  • Thomy
  • Totole
  • Winiary

Shelf stable

Nestle brand bottled water throughout the world

Published by Palm Oil Detectives

Hi, I’m Palm Oil Detective’s Editor in Chief. Palm Oil Detectives is partly a consumer website about palm oil in products and partly an online community for writers, artists and musicians to showcase their work and express their love for endangered species. I have a strong voice for creatures great and small threatened by deforestation. With our collective power we can shift the greed of the retail industry and influence big palm oil to stop cutting down forests. Be bold! Be courageous! Join me and stand up for the animals with your art and your supermarket choices!

9 thoughts on “Nestlé

  1. Great info!

    Boycotting Purina and finding non-palm oil alternatives for my 3 cats is the toughest one (the rest of these products I never use). Any pet food suggestions?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sara thanks for your comment. I’ve put together this list of pet foods here:

      There are alternatives without palm oil in all product categories throughout the world, although they may be harder to find – it’s definitely worth it. I have categories for #palmoilfree products as well in this whole section of my website, so if you come across any where a brand’s entire range is palm oil free, please let me know I’ll add them to the lists! Thank you for joining the #Boycott4Wildlife


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