Crested Capuchin Sapajus robustus

Crested Capuchin Sapajus robustus

Crested Capuchin Sapajus robustus

Brazil (Bahia, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais)


The crested capuchin or robust tufted capuchin (Sapajus robustus) is a species of robust capuchin monkey living in Brazil. They were formerly considered a subspecies of the black capuchin but is now considered to be a separate species.

The species has a broad diet, including fruits, seeds, and arthropods, as well as frogs or even small mammals. They are very skilled at manipulating food items to reach the food they want. Other species of robust capuchins that have been studied more, such as the black capuchin, have been documented using stones to open food items such as fruits with hard shells or oysters. It’s possible that crested capuchins may also do the same. No observations have been made specifically on the crested capuchin, but they likely live in linear hierarchies that span both sexes, with the top-ranking male dominating the top-ranking female, similar to other closely related species of capuchin. Males ranked lower than the dominant male may also be a part of capuchin groups, but they often remain on the peripheral of the group.

Crested Capuchins live in a restricted range in the Atlantic forest in the states of Bahia (southern), eastern Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo,Brazil.

Crested Capuchins are gregarious tool-using small #monkeys. #endangered in #Brazil @IUCNredlist from #deforestation and the #pettrade. Join the #Boycott4Wildlife and help save them

Their main threats are agriculture, urban sprawl, deforestation, increasing energy matrix, increasing road matrix habitat fragmentation, habitat reduction, hunting, harvesting and extensive areas of monoculture eucalyptus and pine.

IUCN red list

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There are no known conservation activities for this animal. Make art to raise awareness and join the #Boycott4Wildlife.

Further Information

Donate to help orphaned capuchins that are rescued from traffickers. At Merazonia Wildlife Sanctuary

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Martins, W.P., de Melo, F.R., Kierulff, M.C.M., Mittermeier, R.A., Lynch Alfaro, J.W. & Jerusalinsky, L. 2021. Sapajus robustus (amended version of 2019 assessment). The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2021: e.T42697A192592444. Downloaded on 06 June 2021.


Reduced range of the endangered crested capuchin monkey (Sapajus robustus) and a possible hybrid zone with Sapajus nigritus

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