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Savvy consumers have been pressuring French Dairy multinational Danone for decades to cease using deforestation palm oil. Yet they actually haven’t stopped this. From their website:

‘Danone is committed to eliminating deforestation from its supply chain by end of 2020, and to the principles of no deforestation, no development on peat, and no exploitation of rights of workers, indigenous peoples and local communities (NDPE).’

Read more: Danone website

This phrasing above means absolutely nothing. In reality, in 2021 Danone’s supply chain continues to slash and burn thousands of hectares of forests and release mega-tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. Danone is therefore involved in the killing thousands of endangered species. Once these animals are gone – they are gone for good. See research on Danone’s palm oil sources including a PDF of their palm oil mills.

Boycott @Danone because their #palmoil is so-called “sustainable” from the @RSPOtweets yet it still causes #deforestation mass species #extinction and #ecocide #Boycott4Wildlife and protest with your wallet!

Danone makes claims of sustainability for palm oil on their website. They have a NDPE policy on their website (a policy which prohibits deforestation and peatland destruction). However this policy is not worth the paper it is written on. In 2020, Danone was one of many global brands to continue to purchase palm oil from mills for 38,000 ha of newly destroyed rainforest in Indonesia. Sending hundreds of species of animals plummetting towards extinction.

Danone’s claims do not match what is happening on the ground. This is pure greenwashing!

The brand has a high ranking on the WWF Scorecard and has an RSPO certification. However this high ranking is greenwashing and this mega-brand is purchasing huge amounts of palm oil from two mills that are responsible for 44% of all deforestation: Indonusia and Sulaidy.

Source: chain reaction research

Palm Oil Detectives thinks it is wise to boycott all Danone sub-brands until it has been independently verified that they have stopped 100% of their deforestation activities throughout the world.

Danone own a vast global empire of dairy and drink sub-brands

The most updated list of their stable of brands from their website includes:

Activia (Global)
Actimel (Global)
Alpro (Global)
Aptamil (Global)
AQUA (Indonesia)
Blédina (France)
Bonafont (Mexico and Brazil)
Cow & Gate (UK)
Damavand (Iran)
Danette (Global)
Danio (Global)
Dannon (Global)

Evian (Global)
Happy Family (USA)
Horizon Organic (USA)
Mizone (China)
Nutricia (Global)
Nutrilon (Global)
Oikos (North America, Chile)
Prostokvashino (Russia)
Silk (USA)
Vega (USA)
Volvic (Global)

More Information

The Chain: Repeat Offenders Continue to Clear Forests for Oil Palm in Southeast Asia (February 2021)

Danone website

Danone Palm Oil Mill List (December 2020)

Research: Palm Oil deforestation and its connection to retail brands (February 2021)


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