Maned Three-toed Sloth Bradypus torquatus

Maned Three-toed Sloth Bradypus torquatus

Maned Three-toed Sloth Bradypus torquatus



The adorable and fuzzy-haired Maned Three-toed Sloth lives in the Atlantic coastal forests of eastern Brazil. This largely arboreal species is found in wet tropical forest, most typically in areas with an annual precipitation of 1,200 mm or higher and lacking a dry season. Females give birth to one baby annually, predominantly at the end of the wet season and beginning of the dry season (February-April), and copulation concentrates in the late dry and early wet seasons (August-October; Dias et al. 2009). Sexual maturity is probably reached between the second and third year and longevity in the wild is over 12 years (Lara-Ruiz and Chiarello 2005).

The adorable and fuzzy-haired Maned Three-toed #Sloth is vulnerable on @IUCNredlist #Brazil due to #cocoa #deforestation. Help this beautiful animal by boycotting brands with deforestation supply chains #Boycott4wildlife

In southern Bahia the economic crisis of the cocoa plantation (Theobroma cacao) puts a pressure on farmers of this product to clear their forest to make room for other economic alternatives, mainly pastures. In other areas, native forests are cleared for other reasons, including coal production, agriculture and city sprawl. The genetic integrity of distinct populations is threatened by the release of confiscated animals at different sites without knowledge or understanding of their origins. Additional threats include subsistence hunting and accidental mortality of B. torquatus on roads.

Maned Three-toed Sloth Bradypus torquatus
Maned Three-toed Sloth Bradypus torquatus

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Sloth Conservation Foundation

Further Information

IUCN Rating vulnerable

hiarello, A. & Moraes-Barros, N. 2014. Bradypus torquatus. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2014: e.T3036A47436575. Downloaded on 08 March 2021.

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