One-fifth of reptiles heading towards extinction

Almost one-fifth of the world’s reptiles are currently threatened with extinction. A recent study assessed 1500 species for extinction risks. From the 19% found to be in danger, 12% were classified as Critically Endangered, 41% as Endangered and 47% Vulnerable. Three of the species listed as being Critically Endangered are believed to be possibly extinct.Continue reading “One-fifth of reptiles heading towards extinction”

Boo-Liat’s Kukri Snake Oligodon booliati

Boo-Liat’s Kukri Snake Oligodon booliati Critically Endangered This vivid red fossorial species of snake is found on leaf litter in lowland forest on the island of Malaysia. The forests of Tioman are not protected and are currently subject to private management. The island is a well-known tourist destination and development for both residential and touristContinue reading “Boo-Liat’s Kukri Snake Oligodon booliati”