Palm Oil Free Soap

Palm oil free soap and hand sanitiser

Here are some palm oil free soaps that do not contain rainforest-destroying palm oil. If you are ever in doubt look for the prefixes: LAUR, STEAR, GYLC and PALM in the ingredients list on packaging – this is most likely palm oil. Another tip is to shop for locally produced soaps instead of mass-produced soap.

Palm oil is NOT vegan

Did you know that palm oil is one of the world’s most destructive crops, as it can only be harvested in tropical rainforest and peatland landscapes where the highest concentration of endangered species live? The majority of palm oil and soy is fed to farm animals that people eat. This is why palm oil is an animal rights issue. And it is for these reasons that palm oil is NOT considered vegan by animal activists. It may be a plant-based substance, but it is NOT VEGAN. Soap brands like Palmolive or L’Oreal claiming that their soap is plant-based AKA vegan, yet are still using palm oil are simply greenwashing extinction and ecocide!

Palm Oil Free Soap

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Did you know that most major brands use forest-destroying #palmoil in their #soap #handsanitizer? Become a Palm Oil Detective and go #palmoilfree as @cussonspro @loreal @JNJNews are sending 1000s of species extinct. Join the fight! #Boycott4Wildlife

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  1. I use a soap made by a company called “Outlaw.” They’re located in Sparks, Nevada. When I didn’t see them listed, I was concerned. Do you know if they’re products are palm oil free? I was under the impression they were. Thank you!

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