Monkey minds: what we can learn from primate personality

Carla Litchfield, University of South Australia Every human is different. Some are outgoing, while others are reserved and shy. Some are focused and diligent, while others are haphazard and unfussed. Some people are curious, others avoid novelty and enjoy their rut. This is reflected in our personality, which is typically measured across five factors, knownContinue reading “Monkey minds: what we can learn from primate personality”

Caquetá Tití Monkey Plecturocebus caquetensis

Caquetá Tití Monkey Plecturocebus caquetensis Critically endangered Colombia Caquetá Titi Monkeys have a distinctive song and they purr like a kitten they form monogamous partnerships. Discovered relatively recently in 2010, these beautiful and fascinating monkeys are now critically endangered due to the massive deforestation that is occurring in Colombia for palm oil and other commodities.Continue reading “Caquetá Tití Monkey Plecturocebus caquetensis”