Palm Oil Free Christmas

Vegan palm oil free Christmas

Enjoy the festive season and be reassured that your Christmas feast is not contributing to palm oil related rainforest destruction, human rights abuses, extinction and slavery. Instead it will be a succulent, budget-friendly, cruelty-free and thoroughly delicious triumph that will go down in local history!

Enjoy #Christmas knowing that your #feast is #vegan and doesn’t contribute to #palmoil #deforestation with a yummy, budget-friendly, #palmoilfree shopping list and #recipes #MerryChristmas #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife

Merry #Christmas everyone, here’s a #palmoilfree and #vegan #shopping list and heart-warming recipes that won’t contribute to #palmoil #deforestation and will bring joy to your #festive table #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife

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Vegan Palm Oil Free Christmas

Shopping Guide & Recipes

Palm Oil Free Mince Pies

CompanyPalm Oil Free Products
Authentic Bread Company Organic mince pies, Lemon & Ginger organic mince pies, Organic & Vegan Gluten-less Mince Pies (all available from their website or Abel & Cole*)
Abel & Cole* (made by Authentic Bread Company)Mini organic mince pies, Luxury Organic Mince Pies, Vegan & organic mini mince pies (all available online*)
Riverford (made by Authentic Bread Company) Organic Mince PiesOrganic & Vegan Mince Pies.
Roots & Wings Organic Mince PiesOrganic Mini Mince Pies 
Daylesford Organic Mince Pies, Organic Almond & Armagnac Mince Pies – Buy from Daylesford website, or Planet Organic* (ordinary) or Abel & Cole* (almond)

Palm Oil Free Christmas Puddings

  • Vegan, organic and palm oil free – Riverford, Infinity Foods
  • Vegan and palm oil free – Kite
  • Organic and palm oil free – Authentic Bread Co, Roots and Wings, Abel & Cole
 Company  Palm Oil Free 
Authentic Bread Company Chocolate Orange Organic Christmas Pudding – from Abel & Cole*
Riverford Organic Organic & Vegan Christmas Pudding.  
Infinity FoodsOrganic Vegan & gluten free Christmas Pudding.
Roots and WingsOrganic Christmas Puddings and Organic & gluten free Christmas puddings. Buy from Roots and Wings website. 
Abel & Cole*Organic Luxury Christmas Puddings 
Kite Wholefoods Vegan Christmas Plum Pudding. Buy from your local wholefood shop. 
Foods of Athenry Very Merry Christmas Gluten- & Wheat-free Pudding. Buy from its online shop
Thursday Cottage Nut-free Christmas puddings – see their website

A yummy recipe for vegan, palm oil free gingerbread courtesy of The Veggie Table

This moist and spicy, gingerbread is a perfect Christmas treat. Make sure that you check out The Veggie Table, this is an incredible website of tasty vegan and palm oil treats, it is definitely worth a visit and subscribe!

Photo by Noelle Otto on
Yield10 servings
Time45-70 minutes, depending on size
Ingredients1 c plus 2 t wheat flour
1c white flour
2 t baking powder
1 t baking soda
½ t salt
1 T ginger ground
½ t cloves, ground
¼ t cinnamon, ground
½ c vegetable oil
1 c maple syrup
½ c molasses
1 c plain soy milk
1 T apple cider vinegar
2 T vanilla extract
DirectionsSift flours, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and spices into bowl and whisk together.
In another bowl or blender, whisk or blend oil, syrup, molasses, milk, vinegar, and vanilla until oily blobs are suspended in liquid.
Whisk the wet mixture into the dry until just barely mixed. Batter will be wet and sticky.
Preheat oven to 350F.
Oil pan(s) and line with parchment paper. Half fill pan(s) with batter. Bake 35 minutes for small pans, 55 for large.
Gingerbread is ready when a toothpick or knife inserted into center comes out clean.
NotesAdapted from Myra Kornfeld’s The Voluptuous Vegan.

A delicious vegan, palm oil free mushroom and chestnut loaf courtesy of Melinda from Mastodon

Delicious palm oil free and vegan Chestnut and Mushroom Roast courtesy of Melinda on Mastodon
Delicious palm oil free and vegan Chestnut and Mushroom Roast courtesy of Melinda on Mastodon
Time30 – 40 minutes cook time
Ingredients1 onion chopped
1 pack cooked chestnuts
4 to 5 medium sized mushrooms chopped
4 slices bread crumbed (or you can use couscous)
1 teasp dried herbs
1 teasp Marmite
Salt and pepper
DirectionsFry onions and mushrooms.
Add crumbled chestnuts, herbs, salt and pepper.
Add couscous/breadcrumbs.
Add some water if dry.
Add Marmite.
Mix well.
Put in greased, lined loaf tin.
Bake 200⁰ for 30 to 40 minutes.
NotesAdapted from Melinda of Mastodon’s recipe.

A yummy recipe for vegan, palm oil free mushroom gravy by Will Yeung Man

Palm Oil Free Chocolate and Gift Chocolates

All the companies below only make palm oil free chocolate.

Vegan palm oil free Christmas slices
Vegan palm oil free Christmas slices
All chocolate is palm oil free, organic, vegan and fair trade
Vego – Buy from various shops including Planet Organic* and Ethical Superstore*
Pacari – Go to their online shop
Beyond Good – Buy from their website
Ombar – Buy from various shops including Planet Organic* and Ethical Superstore*
All chocolate is palm oil free, organic and vegan
Booja Booja – Buy from various shops including Planet Organic
Moo Free – see their website
All chocolate is palm oil free, vegan and fair trade
MIA – see their website
All chocolate is palm oil free, organic and fair trade
Cocoa Loco – Go to their online shop or buy from Oxfam*
Fairafric – see their website
Equal Exchange – Buy from various shops including Ethical Superstore*
Traidcraft* – Buy from their website
All chocolate is palm oil free and fair trade
Divine – Buy from Ethical Shop
Tony’s Chocolonely – Buy from various shops including Ethical Superstore* and Oxfam*
Willie’s Cacao – Buy from their website
Chocolat Madagascar – Buy from their website
All chocolate is palm oil free and organic
Seed & Bean – Buy from their online shop, or high street shops, or from Ethical Superstore* and Oxfam*
All chocolate is palm oil free and vegan
Plamil – Buy from their website
All chocolate is palm oil free
Montezuma – Go to their online shop, buy from high street shops, or online from Ethical Superstore* and Planet Organic*

Palm Oil Free Biscuits

CompanyPalm Oil Free Products
Island BakeryAll biscuits and oatcakes except Sweet FA biscuits, buy from Planet Organic* or Abel & Cole*. Oatcakes and Sweet FA range are vegan.
TraidcraftChocolate Chunk & Sour Cherry Shortbread, Double Chocolate Chunk & Raspberry Shortbread, Half-coated Chocolate Shortbread Finger, Geobakes All Butter Shortbread Biscuits. Buy from the Traidcraft shop*.
Amisaall biscuits – buy from Planet Organic*
Bionaall cripsbreads, spelt, corn and rice cakes – buy from Planet Organic*
Lazy Dayall biscuits palm oil free and vegan – buy from Ethical Superstore*
Mr Organicall biscuits palm oil free and vegan – buy from Abel & Cole*

Why go palm oil free this Christmas?

Vegan palm oil free christmas 3
Vegan palm oil free Christmas

RSPO “sustainable” palm oil is a greenwashing lie that is created by the industry to promote itself, it is not effective to eradicate human rights abuses, deforestation, violent landgrabbing and more.

100 human rights NGOS recently issued a statement denoucing the RSPO in late November 2022.

Today, we find that nothing has changed. While the area of land under RSPO-certified oil palm plantations has continued to grow, the RSPO has continued to be a great deception.

Farm Land Grab, Public Statement of 100 Environmental and Human Rights NGOS, Published December 1, 2022.

The certifications were provided in complete disregard of community grievances related to lack of living space, land conflicts, deforestation, pollution, labour rights, harassment and violence. Communities in Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Ivory Coast have demanded the suspension of these certificates.

Image: Forests are still being bulldozed to make way for agricultural land for palm oil and beef production. Richard Whitcombe/Shutterstock

“The RSPO consultation process was riddled with missteps. Relevant stakeholders, including affected landowners, were not consulted. A crucial government report that orders revocation of the principal lease and a participative process to solve the current land disputes was rejected as evidence. The audits were not independent from the company and a safe space for consultation was not provided despite the huge risks of reprisals for people.”

~ FIAN Belgium, Public Statement signed by NGOS about RSPO member SOCFIN, March 2022.

Image: Craig Jones Wildlife Photography


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