Why you should only buy palm oil free chocolate this Easter

Easter is almost upon us and that means chocolate eggs and indulgence. Used as an emulsifier in chocolate, palm oil is what gives cheap chocolate a disgusting soapy, chalky flavour. Aside from this it is linked to death, ecocide, deforestation and destruction. “Sustainable” palm oil is a complete lie as RSPO members using it areContinue reading “Why you should only buy palm oil free chocolate this Easter”

Palm Oil Free Chocolate, Candy and Confectionery

Buying chocolate, candy or lollies as a gift or just want to indulge yourself? Then enjoy your chocolate fix without eating rainforest-destroying palm oil! If you are ever in doubt look for the prefixes: LAUR, STEAR, GYLC and PALM in the ingredients list on packaging – this is most likely palm oil. Another tip is to shop for locally produced chocolate and vegan chocolate (if you happen to be vegan).

Also – cocoa is another highly controversial ingredient linked to deforestation and human rights abuses. Mighty Earth create regular guides profiling (big and small) chocolate brands so you can decide which ones to purchase and which to #Boycott4Wildlife based on cocoa and palm oil


Despite the virtue-signalling of the palm oil certification body the RSPO, Mondelez’s so-called “sustainable” palm oil is linked to 37.000ha of palm oil deforestation since 2016 (Source: Chain Reaction Research). Mondelez destroys rainforests, sending animals extinct and release mega-tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, and killing hundreds of endangered species. Once these animals are goneContinue reading “Mondelēz”