Palm Oil Free Chocolate and Confectionery

Below I have included both dairy milk chocolate and also vegan dairy-free chocolate, it’s up to you which you prefer to buy. None contain palm oil and they have been vetted for cocoa sustainability. Booja Booja Beyond Good Chocolat Madagascar Choc Affair Cocoa Loco Darrell Lea Divine Equal Exchange Infinity Foods MIA Montezumas Moo FreeContinue reading “Palm Oil Free Chocolate and Confectionery”


According to the website of the global food giant: ‘Mondelēz International is committed to sourcing palm oil sustainably and eradicating deforestation and human rights violations in the palm oil supply. We take this responsibility seriously.’ Mondelēz However, despite this virtue signalling, the brand’s supply chain continues to slash and burn thousands of hectares of forestsContinue reading “Mondelēz”