Health Physician Dr Evan Allen: In His Own Words

Bio: Dr Evan Allen Dr. Evan Allen, the author of Oversaturated, believes that a pervasive distortion of the truth ignores decades of established research and has led millions of people to embrace a diet high in saturated fat. Furthermore that this diet results in millions of people suffering the consequences of diabetes, dementia and heart diseaseContinue reading “Health Physician Dr Evan Allen: In His Own Words”

Palm Oil Free Cooking Oil, Margarine and Spreads

To avoid palm oil, choose locally produced cooking oils such as olive, sesame or peanut oil and make your own foods instead of buying convenience foods. That way you avoid rainforest-destroying palm oil. If you are ever in doubt look for the prefixes: LAUR, STEAR, GYLC and PALM in the ingredients list on packaging –Continue reading “Palm Oil Free Cooking Oil, Margarine and Spreads”